Our Methodology

When it comes to job placement, no other company offers quick, long-term results better than Global Recruiters of West Palm Beach. In 2020, we were recognized as the "Office of the Year" within the GRN Network. Our methodology provides us the ability to find true matches and has been so successful that in 2023 GRN helped over 2000 professionals' transition into new jobs and the list keeps growing. What is our secret? It's simple, we listen. By tuning in to your company's culture, your goals, your needs, we get a better picture of the candidate who is right for you. The desire to put our clients' needs first and build solid relationships has paid off. So much in fact, over 50% of our customers are repeat business. Take a quick look at how our 30-Step Executive Search Process works:

Stage 1: Needs and Assessment(week 1)

  • Vital first step where we gather information and get to know you and your company's current and future needs.
  • Our Strategic Search Methodology includes extensive on-site interviews and/or communication with senior management to understand your company philosophy, management style, and the responsibilities and expertise required for the position.
  • What is your company's culture? Goals for the future? Leadership style? These are just a few of the many questions we ask to narrow the field and save you time so we can identify the industries to target and define the correct geographies.

Stage 2: Preparation and Research (week 2)

  • Preparation of a detailed position description and a company summary for prospective candidates and networking sources. Development of exhaustive research on potential companies and contacts.

Stage 3: Candidate Evaluation and Recruiting (weeks 2-6)

  • During this crucial stage, we set up all interviews and coordinate every aspect of the negotiating process. We tap into our extensive network to identify sources and prospective candidates.
  • We present a list of 3-7 qualified professionals to you, interview candidates and write profiles. We then will narrow the candidate pool to 2-5 candidates for final interviews.

Stage 4: Final Interview Process and Reference Checking (weeks 6-8)

  • We will thoroughly check references on final candidates, contacting superiors, peers and subordinates in addition to our own "unsolicited" references.
  • The final Candidates Reports can include history of career paths, accomplishments, skills, management style, education, hobbies, family commitments and an assessment of the "fit" with your company and its culture.

Stage 5: Final Negotiations and On-Boarding Follow-Up (weeks 8-12)

  • We will develop and communicate the compensation and relocation package, assisting in final negotiations. Lastly, we can provide additional counsel for spouse's career consideration and any other special family needs.
  • We help the candidate feel confident they have made the right choice to move on by offering support and advice, assisting with the resignation process and coordinating a start date.
  • This is the final stage where we follow up before, during and after the start date
  • Our successful 30 Step Executive Search and Selection Process is detailed in this section.

Our commitment to you and all our clients is to be accountable to:

  • Reduce your Cost per Hire for any position by presenting you with 3-7 top candidates within 2-4 weeks of the start of the search.
  • Improve your Time to fill for all positions to under 60-90 days from the beginning of the assignment, assuming we have a defined Hiring Process in place
  • Increase your Retention Rate for all Hired positions through our firm. In the last 3 years, our Retention Rate has been 98% of all placements, with many executives later promoted.