"I worked with Angel during the height of the Corona pandemic to find a new opportunity. He took a lot of time to understand me and what I am looking for. We stayed over several weeks in close contact to fine tune our approach. During this time, he proactively reached out to companies and marketed my profile. When he connected me to the right company, I was offered within a very short time a C-level role after the company try to fill the role for over 10 month. I benefited also from optimizing my resume under his patient guidance and overall very detailed coaching through the process. On a personal level, it was always fun to connect and speak about more than just work. The best recruiter I ever worked with. "
-Ralf -Chief Global R&D Officer

"I had the opportunity to collaborate with Angel and his Team at Global Recruiters of West Palm Beach while I was VP US Marketing in the IVD industry.
We had several US based key position to recruit at Senior Manager and Director level. Angel and his team provided HR and me with a solid list of top candidates for each position.

What I liked about Angel and his team was the deep knowledge of the sector and job roles, the attention to details and the proactive approach during each step of the recruiting journey. I have been very satisfied with the managers we hired with the support of Global Recruiters of West Palm Beach."
-Paolo -VP Client Services

"I would like to strongly endorse Angel. He has a great talent of finding the right people for the right position. Combination of industry experience, listening skills, being able to summarize the organizational strength and gaps makes him a great business partner. Angel is great in aligning individual skills with the business needs. Angel is very intelligent with a strong science background where he quickly grasp intricacies of cutting edge technology and the culture of the workplace. Angel is talented in communicating the technology, business direction and the job requirements to the potential candidates. In addition to his immense talent, he is truly professional and it is a pleasure working with Angel."
-Lili -Head of Development Molecular/Immunoassay

"The entire recruitment process from the first contact to the closing of the employee-employer agreement has been outstanding. It was an absolute pleasure working together with Angel Romero. Angel is a good listener and a clear communicator. He brought very to the point, what his client is looking for and what I need to bring to match the requirements. I appreciated the guidance and the reading material provided for each stage of the process. I can only recommend Angel Romero and Global Recruiters of West Palm Beach as an Executive Recruiter for the Life Sciences and MedTech industry."
-Christa -Director Business Development Diagnostics

"Eric has been an absolute pleasure to work with. He has been very responsive and always made himself available to speak with me. The entire process was quicker than any other recruiter I have worked with and more involved as well. The assistance Eric provided with helping to prepare for interviews and how to handle counter offers was very in depth and appreciative. Eric stayed in contact with me throughout the entire process and post hire date to see how things are going (2 weeks+ into the new position)."
-Nicole -Senior Regional Clinical Research Associate

"Quick to respond, in my corner, great insight on the company and who would ask about what during the interview process... Eric did a great job for me and most importantly, found me a company and a position that is a great fit for the company and me. Loving my new position and it is thanks to Eric, it was great working with him."
-KC -District Sales Manager

"I highly recommend Eric! He was very helpful and took his time to understand my needs and work with me to position me in front of the right opportunities. Eric is prompt and professional and it has been a pleasure to work with him!"
-Laura -Physician Account Executive Diagnostics

"I've worked with many recruiting companies over the past 20 years however, I think my best experience has been with Global Recruiters of West Palm Beach and specifically, working with John Santicerma. John helped place me in my current position and he did a great job of educating me on the company, its products and the staff. But he didn't stop there. When I had questions regarding the move, John did his homework and came back with answers that helped me make the decision to accept the job. In addition, he did a thorough job of understanding my qualifications and helped me prepare for the interview. That meant not only being able to answer questions my employer asked, but he also helped me to prepare questions to ask my employer to ensure if an offer was given and accepted, that it would be a good fit for both parties. I think we can all agree the last thing we want to do as candidates is regret a job change decision. By working with John and GRN of WPB, you won't have any regrets! "

"If you are a prospective employer looking to work with a recruiting company, we have had great success with GRN of WPB on that front as well. GRN of WPB listens to our needs and does a great job of bringing us candidates that are pre-qualified for the openings we post. This saves us a tremendous amount of time when we begin our own interview process and allows us to quickly determine which candidates will be the right fit for our openings. All in all, I give this company and its team an A+ in the area of recruiting. Your money will be well spent!"
-Terri -Global Marketing/New Product Development/Strategic Marketing/Sales/VOC/Brand Management/Digital Marketing

"It was a true pleasure working with John Santicerma and the team at Global Recruiters of West Palm Beach. From the very start, John was very professional, personable, and extremely well informed about the role & company for which he was recruiting. He was also very well versed on my background and experience from my resume and LinkedIn profile before our first conversation, which made me feel valued as a candidate. John's follow-up, communication, and interview prep were all top-notch, and I felt well supported through the process. Following the offer, acceptance, and on-boarding process, John has continued to reach out and ask how things are going in my new position. I would highly recommend John and his team to any job candidate in the Medical Device Industry."
-David -Area Sales Manager

"I had the great pleasure to be selected by John for my current job as Director of Sales EMEA. John has the ability to read people and their attitudes even from far away, he drove me in the process to understand that I was ready for the next step. The great talent of John is the ability to ask the right question and to drive people to think, which is really not easy thing to achieve. He changed my perception of myself and gave me the opportunity to win my next step in the life. He is extremely honest and ethic person which for the particular job he has to do are the key factors for his job and for the candidates he contact! Rely in John and you will know if you are ready or not, then let him drive you to discover more than you expect in yourself!"
-Poalo -Director of Sales – EMEA

"I recommend anyone who is either a candidate seeking a new role, or an employer seeking qualified candidates to get in touch with Ed. His process in vetting and matching candidate to opportunity is among the most thorough and thoughtful that I have experienced.
Ed - thank you for assisting me in my recent placement. You helped eliminate much of the anxiety in helping me through this process and landing me in an absolutely amazing opportunity!"
-Michael -Managing Director/Wealth Director

"What a fantastic experience working with Ed! His proactive outreach, diligent follow-up, and superior guidance contributed greatly to my success in transitioning careers. He went above and beyond during my new career prospecting journey, making himself available to me even during his own personal vacation time. His passion and commitment shine bright! I highly recommend Ed and the services he provides."
-Martina -Vice President, Wealth Advisor

"Ed has been very professional and helpful in placing me with my current job position 3 1/2 years ago. Thank you Ed for making such a positive impact for my career and my family!"
-Isaac -Senior Vice President, Head of Wealth Management, North America

"Angel and his team have always been diligent and collaborative in providing a qualified pool of candidates to our openings. I enjoy working with them and Angel’s market knowledge and expertise in our industry definitely makes it effective for us to work with GRN of West Palm Beach."
-Viji, HR Manager

"Unlike many other recruiters, their consultants engage in extensive dialog to understand my particular needs. They often recommend ideas for the search and are very proactive on contacts and follow-up. They do an excellent job of presenting only highly qualified candidates who are well screened. I have them as one of our primary recruiting companies for global marketing positions."
-Chris, World Wide Marketing Director

"GRN West Palm Beach has always provided us with exceptional candidates. Because they understand our business and the type of candidates that we need, they typically are right on target with the resumes that they send. This means they save us unproductive effort that we would spend trying to source those candidates on our own. It has been a very good relationship and I look forward to working together in the future."
-Maribeth, HR Manager

"Angel Romero and GRN West Palm Beach have been a valued business partner to our company. Angel and his team worked hard to understand our business needs and the requirements. The team is very responsive in finding qualified candidates that meet our needs. Angel is very knowledgeable in the diagnostics industry which is especially helpful in helping us find the best talent in a timely manner."
-Karen, VP HR

"I have used Global Recruiters of West Palm Beach on several searches. They were knowledgeable, efficient and offered candidates of high quality, several of which I hired."
-Dino, Chief Commercial Officer

"Angel Romero and his staff located, screened effectively and supported the interview process to ensure that we had top-caliber personnel to select from. The successful candidate, has been an outstanding addition to our company. GRN West Palm Beach was professional and a delight to deal with, from their professional screening and candidate recommendations to their timely responses to our requests."
-Donald, Vice President, Quality System

"We have been extremely satisfied with the recruitment services provided by Global Recruiters of West Palm Beach. They secured some high level executives for our company in a short time, presenting a good pool of candidates."
-Felix, President Latin America

"The personal touch and guidance, from interviews to contract negotiations, at GRN of WPB is exceptional. The hyper-used term "fit" is personalized so that you have the best information to ensure the position fits you, as much as you will fit to the company /workplace. Courteous, timely, honest and helpful - everything you'd require of a true talent acquisition group!"
-Subha, Market Analysis Manager

"My experience with them was fantastic! Bonnie was very professional yet personable in her approach to assisting me with job placements that promoted my career. I cannot say enough about the close relationship we developed as each job opportunity arose. I would not hesitate to refer anyone to GRN West Palm Beach."
-Audrey, Inside Sales Representative

"My experience with GRN WPB could not have been better. They listened to my requirements and made every effort to make sure the new position and company were a good match. The level of service I received was excellent. I am very happy in my current role and would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone wishing to advance their careers."
-Mark, Market Manager

" Working with Angel was a great experience, his professionalism and commitment made the process smooth and clear. He was constantly in touch with me, updating the situation and supporting my application to the company. He discussed with the company my economical requirements and made sure that what I was expecting was covered."
-Ramon, Product Manager

"They understood the requirements for the position and spent time with me understanding how I met those requirement and what kind of company I wanted to work for. They coached me through the interview, contract negotiation, and hiring process and followed up with me after being hired to ensure I was adapting. They are a company that cares about their client and candidates needs. I definitely recommend Global Recruiters of WPB."
-German, World Wide Product Manager

"Throughout the interview process, Angel was a great communicator, supplied me with valuable information, helped negotiate my required compensation package and always kept me fully informed. Once in the new position, he regularly checked back with me to see how I was adapting. I would highly recommend working with GRN of WPB to make your next career move."
-Tom, Director of Global Marketing

"My recent experience with Angel and his team was very satisfying. He was professional and clearly did his homework for both his client companies and individual candidates. I am very pleased by the outcome and look forward to our next opportunity where he can help me bring talent into my organization."
-Gordon, Sr. Director Global Supply Chain Management