30 Step Search Process

Successful searches result from strategic partnerships between our firms. Our 30 Step Executive Search and Selection Process assures effective communication and an efficient search methodology.

Stage 1: Needs Identification and Assessment (week 1)

1. Meet with client hiring managers, key executives and/or board members to complete a full Assignment Profile and Search Assignment Project Plan Schedule, including how we can attract candidates from client's top three competitors. Learn the organizational goals, strategies, needs, products and corporate history as well as company strengths and weaknesses, culture and competition. Agree on accountability, expectations and schedule timelines.

2. Discuss the specific Position Requirements, the key results and objectives of the role. Define the key challenges and processes needed to achieve these results, in order to develop a Performance Profile for the position. Obtain an in-depth analysis of the position specifications for the profile of ideal candidates, providing the option of personality profiling of client's top performing employees. This composite personality profile may be used for screening candidates with a Personality Profiling Survey. This careful gathering of requirements with a "value" focus assures a results-oriented experience which effectively "sells" the company attributes to the most successful candidate.

3. Consult client on Industry Compensation Standards of what competitors' compensation profiles are.

4. Prepare/document the Search Strategy and Performance Profile to present to hiring manager for reviews and comments.

Stage 2: Preparation and Research (week 2)

5. Assemble the Search Assignment Project Team, briefing the project manager on the assignment. Develop strategic planning for the most effective means of sourcing target candidates. Conduct research of the marketplace to locate the logical talent pool. This would include the client's direct and indirect competitors, our current candidate database, and our closed searches. Determine additional target companies and candidates with desirable skill-sets through the internet and e- mail communications so that we have an extensive integration of industry sources, virtual communities, websites and proven cold-calling approaches.

6. Create a captivating marketing strategy complete with a compelling presentation to deliver top talent within the industry, highlighting the company and the opportunity. Finalize the Source Letter and Search Network lists.

7. Compile an extensive database list of Targeted Companies and 100-200+ Candidates qualified to successfully perform the duties of the job. Review and revise all lists with client. Most of the candidates we interview are currently employed and not actively looking for a new opportunity. Word-of-mouth generates additional candidates.

Stage 3: Candidate Evaluation and Recruiting (weeks 2-6)

8. Potential candidates are actively sought from direct competitors and parallel industries located locally, regionally or nationally. We will confidentially contact targeted and networked candidates via initial phone interviews and follow up questionnaires, confirming technical and cultural compatibility and evaluating accomplishments and motivations. Attempt a minimum 3 calls and emails with the job specification during 2 weeks of recruiting to 100 to 200+ potential candidates.

9. Conduct an In-Depth Telephone Interview and Personality Profiling Survey with qualified candidates to ascertain 3 things:
  1. Do they have appropriate background experience, skills and personality?
  2. Are they willing to change jobs and relocate their families for that right opportunity?
  3. Determine if the candidate's career goals will be satisfied by the client's opportunity (hot buttons) and culture.
10. If desired, conduct a Face-To-Face Interview or Video Teleconferencing for qualified candidates to assess his/her abilities to meet the organizations needs and culture.

11. Write/proof Candidate Reports, including Personality Profiling Survey results, to present to Client.

12. Combining behavioral and targeted interviewing techniques, clients are ensured that the Candidate presented possesses all desired skills and experience for the role. Present to Client a Short List of qualified candidates, normally a first round of 3-7 candidates by the third or fourth week with different compensation levels and skills.

13. Discuss submitted Resumes, Assessments of the Candidate’s Abilities, the Personality Profiles and the results of In-Depth Candidates Interviews.

14. Submit/provide Market Search Report on search assignment intelligence data to Client. Continue canvassing the market to present additional candidates in a second round, if needed.

15. Arrange First phone, face-to-face or video teleconferencing Interviews with client.

16. Prepare Candidate for first interview, including spelling out the company's needs, culture, hiring authority's interests and personality, career opportunities and other key issues.

17. Prepare Client for first interview, including coaching the candidate's hot buttons and personal and professional career interests.

18. Debrief Candidate and obtain interview interaction feedback and interests level.

19. Debrief client assessing strengths and weaknesses and determining next steps. Professionally release any candidate the client does not wish to pursue.

Stage 4: Final Interview Process and Reference Checking (weeks 6-8)

20. Provide the client the results of In-Depth Reference Checking of the candidate(s) to Client, including the names and phone numbers of the references, and the highlights of the conversations.

21. Arrange the Second Interviews and discuss any current concerns in separate preparation sessions with the Candidates and Client.

22. Prepare and submit Candidate’s Self-Evaluation, Action Plan and FAV Analysis (if desired) to Client before the second interview.

23. Debrief Candidate and Client after the second interview.

Stage 5: Final Negotiations and On-Boarding Follow-Up (weeks 8-12)

24. Coordinate with hiring manager on potential offers to be made and set the stage for the parameters of offer acceptance with the Candidate.

25. Reconcile any differences with the chosen Candidate, closing him/her on the opportunity, and prepare the Candidate for the Offer Acceptance.

26. Verify Earnings and Negotiate Package to be offered to ensure satisfaction on both parts. If desired, provide Verification of education, credit history, motor vehicle records, drug testing, etc. After the candidates Verbal Offer Acceptance relay Acceptance of Offer to client to prepare formal written Offer.

27. Client extends formal written Offer. We then close the Offer and confirm the Start Date. Candidate will also confirm in writing

28. Consult and assist the Candidate regarding the Resignation Protocol and avoiding the Counter-Offer.

29. Remain in contact with Candidate and client through start date and initial 30, 90 and 180 days of employment. Provide support in the On-Boarding process. Verify with Client that the Assignment Search Project was successfully completed.

30. Request from the client that they provide an Assessment of our Search Work, including consideration as a source of Reference in the future.